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Building the Foundation: Another Northland FC Signing

Today, December 4th 2023, we learned of Northland FC's most recent signing. An exciting signing that is assured to raise the bar even higher! Coming from Los Angeles, Manuel Chavez brings a high work rate, high standards and a true passion for the game. Manuel has been present in every Northland FC open training event to date. A true testament of what Northland FC can do for athlete's looking to take that next step in their careers.

Coming with a resume that stands out amongst anyone in the league, Manuel has been a Heartland champion on multiple occasions and an all district defensive selection after showing a master class act day in and day out. In addition to a Challenger Tournament title and the defensive player of the year. The former 4 year club captain is dedicated to defending the Northland during our inaugural 2024 season

We got a hold of the newest addition to Northland FC as soon as news broke.

NLFC : What attracted you to Northland FC over the other options in the Kansas City Metro?

EM : "Northland FC symbolizes the neighborhood where I spent my formative years, and it is a privilege to represent my hometown. The Northland boasts a rich cultural heritage and a steadfast dedication to achieving excellence. I am confident that my skills resonate seamlessly with the club's values, playing styles, and ambitious pursuits, making my alignment with Northland FC a genuine and natural choice for me."

NLFC : What role do you see yourself playing and what impact do you hope to have on our club?

"In terms of my role, I envision contributing as a versatile player, bringing a combination of experience and determination to elevate the team's performance. Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and strategic playmaking abilities, coupled with effective defensive coverage. I am eager to bring these qualities to the team, adding value and contributing to our collective success."

Bryce, Northland FC's Owner, passed on a brief message for the new signing!

"Manuel we are very pleased to have you join our club. We look forward to building our club with such a strong foundation of players. As we continue to grow we will have someone to stand among the front lines. Northland FC welcomes you with open arms."

Northland FC will be looking to add depth to their roster continuing opening training! The club will be at 9th and Van Brunt Athletic field Saturday December 9th 10AM. All players 18 or older are welcome to join no registration required.

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