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Fernando Ramirez Talks Northland FC Manager Appointment

Fernando Ramirez has just been appointed the Northland FC first ever manager! Exciting days around here. In his first days we wanted to ask a few questions to see where Fernando's mind is before training and recruitment kicks off.

  • Can you share some insights into your background and experience?

I got involved in the Kansas City Area Soccer scene through playing time at club, high school, and college level. About 5 years ago I decided that I wanted to share everything I learned playing soccer with the young athletes of Kansas City. Helping guide these players to success on and off the pitch. I got into coaching to offer pathways of success for my players. When they achieve their goals I know I have done my job.

  • What are the goals that you hope to achieve while at Northland FC?

One of my goals as a manager for the club is to have as many players possible that are passionate about the community playing for Northland FC

  • How important is community engagement and involvement in the manager's role at Northland FC?

Community engagement is very important especially when we want the community supporting us . Community Support is what is going to help us win games and become better as a club. I would like to see people from the community play for Northland FC and thrive.

  • When can we expect training and player announcements?

Northland FC is holding an open house tryout soon. Once we have a few of those completed, Bryce and I we make a full roster announcement and will determine a start date for full in season trainings

  • What message would you like to convey to the Northland community about this exciting new chapter for the club?

The opportunity that has presented itself to myself, as manager, to many athletes, and the community can very easily be underestimated. The love and passion that flows through the deep rooted football community will soon be felt throughout the Northland. We welcome everyone to join us on our journey as we change the foundation of soccer in this city.

Contact Information: For media inquiries and further information, please contact: Bryce Empey Northland FC

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