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Harris, Ogutu, and Empey Elected to Lead Select League

Gladstone, Missouri - January 19, 2024 - The Select League board of directors has welcomed a dynamic trio following last night's successful vote. Ross Harris of Woodland FC has been elected as President, Goddard Ogutu of Southside FC as Secretary, and Bryce Empey, owner of Northland FC, assumes the role of Treasurer.

Ross Harris - President: Bringing a wealth of experience and a collaborative vision, Ross Harris, owner of Woodland FC, is set to guide Select League through strategic initiatives and impactful decision-making.

Goddard Ogutu - Secretary: Goddard Ogutu, owner of Southside FC, will enhance communication and documentation within the board as the newly elected Secretary, demonstrating meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to transparency.

Bryce Empey - Treasurer: Bryce Empey, owner of Northland FC, takes on the position of Treasurer, contributing financial acumen to steer Select League's fiscal responsibilities in line with the league's commitment to financial sustainability.

Collaborative Leadership: The election process, held last night, showcased a collaborative approach, aligning the skills and backgrounds of Harris, Ogutu, and Empey with Select League's values. The trio is ready to work together to drive positive change and elevate the league's position.

Media Inquiries: For media inquiries, please contact Ross Harris at

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