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Northland FC Laying Down Roots: A New Era in Kansas City Soccer

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Northland, Kansas City, Missouri - In an exciting, development for soccer enthusiasts in the Northland of Kansas City, Northland FC has sets its sights north of the River. Being the first team to join the Kansas City Area Football Federation (KCAFF), North of the river, Northland FC aims to give the spark needed to explode the soccer scene in "The Soccer Capitol of The World". Founded by Bryce Empey, this brand-new soccer club aims to become an integral part of the Northland of Kansas City. Emulating the rich tradition of the soccer system in England, Northland FC will commitment to youth development, community engagement, and supporting local causes. Despite having no history, both Northland FC and the KCAFF are poised to embark on a journey that promises to bring the spirit of grassroots soccer to the heart of the soccer capitol.

Interview with Bryce Empey, Founder of Northland FC:

  1. Can you share the inspiration behind starting Northland FC and why you chose the non-league system as a model?

    1. The inspiration for Northland FC came from the recognition that we have a gap in our system. The world mocks the American system for not having an ease of access for the everyday person. That needs to change and the US soccer scene is prime to explore. Its a perfect combination and the KCAFF gave Northland FC the perfect opportunity to be apart of the massive change coming to the American Soccer Pyramid.

  2. How do you plan to establish a strong presence and support the community directly as a new soccer club?

    1. We are looking to work with local business as our sponsors and other business partners. The metro has many suburbs, we want to highlight the gems within our Northland.

  3. What can fans and the community expect from Northland FC in its inaugural season and beyond?

    1. Northland FC wants to bring to best energy of the league. Season ticket information will be out soon. With those packages supporters will have a chance to bring that top tier energy to every home game.

  4. Is there a specific message you'd like to convey to the Northland community and potential fans as you embark on this journey?

    1. The Soccer pyramid has been closed off so long to many athletes and fans around the Northland. We offer the chance for athletes to continue their journey where many others have had theirs end. Together as a team, and a community, we can have a lasting impact on the beautiful game in this City. Soccer is a game that can deserves to be open to all athletes, coaches, fans, all of the Northland

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Bryce Empey Owner / Founder Northland FC

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