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Northland FC offers Contracts

Northland FC is thrilled to announce formal contract offers to four exceptional players. Whohave showcased outstanding skills and embody the values of Northland FC.

**Alex: The Lover of the game**

Alex is not only a skilled player, gliding past defenders, grabbing the assist, and scoring the goals. But also someone who truly loves the game. His commitment is evident as he hosts weekly pick-up games at the Weatherby Community Center every Tuesday from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. His passion for soccer aligns perfectly with Northland FC's mission.

**Emmanuel: The Defensive Mastermind**

Emmanuel is a defensive masterclass. His ability to read the game and cut off angles with ease sets him apart. He possesses an exceptional understanding of where his teammates need to be, making him an invaluable asset to the team. Emmanuel's expertise will play a crucial role in nurturing the younger talent within the club.

**David: A Rising Star**

David recently joined the soccer scene at Weatherby, bringing with him a remarkable touch, precise passing, and a keen sense of positioning. Northland FC is eager to see if David will continue to be a part of the Kansas City soccer community and become a key player in the Northland FC lineup.

**Vi: Laying the foundation**

Vi's inclusion in this group of contract offers marks an exciting moment for Northland FC, the league, and Vi herself. She becomes the first female player to receive an offer from Northland FC. Vi's recent participation in the pick-up games has showcased her incredible potential, which extends beyond the abilities of many players seen on a weekly basis. Her presence will undoubtedly inspire and motivate players throughout the league.

Northland FC is committed to fostering talent, diversity, and a deep love for the game. These contract offers reflect the club's dedication to nurturing exceptional players and building a strong future for soccer in Kansas City.

Want a contract? Open tryouts

October 7th Happy Rock Park Soccer Feild 10AM-12PM

7512 NE Antioch Road

Kansas City Missouri 64118

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