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Northland FC Opens Doors for Players 16 and Up to Join First Team

Gladstone, Missouri, January 07, 2024 — Northland FC, a Safesport Certified organization, is proud to announce a monumental expansion in player recruitment. Effective immediately, players aged 16 and older are invited to vie for a spot in the prestigious First Team.

This strategic move underlines Northland FC's commitment to fostering talent from an early age and providing a seamless pathway for aspiring players within the club. The Safesport Certification ensures a secure and inclusive environment for players to thrive in their soccer journey.

"We believe in the potential of young athletes and are excited to integrate U18 players into consideration for our First Team," states Bryce Empey, Northland FC founder. "This decision aligns with our commitment to growth, excellence, and creating opportunities for emerging talents."

Prospective players interested in joining the First Team can find more information on the club's website or by contacting us at

Northland FC looks forward to a dynamic and competitive season ahead, with the infusion of U18 players contributing to the club's continued success.

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