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Northland FC Tryouts

Northland FC has opened player registration to all players looking to solidify their interest in the club. Players who wish to sign up, for free*, can scan the QR code in this post. Scanning will allow the player to enter their player information and share contact information with the club. Enabling athletes to receive updates about the club as we head towards the Select League inaugural 2024 season.

Players can get information for tryouts, registration, league and club updates, pick up etc.

I encourage all athletes of all levels to sign up with Northland FC. We will have opportunities to support off the pitch as well. Please see FAQ for more details.

Once enough player information is collected we will assign dates for tryouts. Tryout location and time will be assigned at a later time. an updated post will be posted and an email will be sent directly to all players who have registered with Northland FC.

* Players must register with the league at least 10 days before kick off. Fees to play will be payable starting

January 1st 2024. Players who do not pay fees will not be registered for team selection.

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