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About the club

About the Crest

With the original intention of the club being focused in Gladstone, we reached into history to when Gladstone was originally named Linden Town. With the Linden tree was chosen as the focal point. The Northland represents the welcome sign for North Kansas City. Expanding our reach beyond the limits of Gladstone. The Northland Club is open and welcoming to all athletes of any skill. The goal is to be far-reaching, with a diverse history supported from city to city. The waves of the crest symbolize the expansions of our city and our vast wavelengths of reach. Our roots are planted north of the river, the place we can grow and spread our roots deeper into the community.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to positively impact the development of soccer in our community by providing life-enriching opportunities to all athletes to help raise the level of soccer in our city, our state and our nation. We strive to play an active role in the leadership, development and personal growth of our players and staff by being an active member of our community through service, partnerships and programs. Our ultimate goal as a club is to encourage, inspire and empower each player and coach to be able to reach the highest level possible within the game and in life, while helping create leaders and individuals that will inspire others to do the same.


Northland FC, players and staff, will set the standard for all soccer clubs in the select league by creating a culture that provides a foundation for all to reach their fullest potential on and off the field while having the ultimate soccer experience

Vision Statement

• Positive Energy

• A positive attitude creates a positive environment.

• Perseverance

• Never give up!

• Commitment

• Committed to developing the player and the individual.

• Passion

• Good leaders will inspire themselves. Great leaders will inspire others.

• Community

• The team is greater than the individual.

• The club is greater than the team.

• The community is greater than the club.

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