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NorthLand FC

Beyond the pitch


Bryce Empey

Founder & Owner

Bryce brings his top tier passion and love for the game to the club. Having his specialties in finance and operations management, he will be in charge of day to day operations and all financial reporting.

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Temesha Derby

Marketing Director

With her Bachelors from Simpson in Multi Media journalism and still going for her Masters, Temesha embodies the keep going champions attitude of Northland FC. Her skills will be a vital part of our success and we are very privileged to have her support. Temesha will be involved in all marketing and public relations strategies.

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Why did you bring Northland FC together?

I have always had the idea of running a soccer (football) club but was put off by the structure of how our pyramid is set as pay to play. Not exclusive of Northland FC but, the entire Select League, is opening up doors that have been shut to many people all across the Northland.


The KCAFF gave many athletes, including myself, the opportunity to play for their nation in a competitive manner, during the Olathe Word Cup. Though not official matches, it gave opportunities to people that would be other wise impossible. The pride that comes with wearing your nations' badge is beyond imagination. Now, we are bringing the opportunity to build a badge that the entirety of the Northland can get behind which was not an opportunity I could let pass by.


Northland FC is dedicated to bringing the best we can every day of the week. We want to develop the community along with our players, coaches, and the winning mentality of the club.While we currently only offer the adult men's team, with enough interest, we will expand with women and youth teams. The love of football that runs through the roots of the club have been firmly placed in the Northland.

Why the KCAFF
What are the goals of Northland FC
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