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Matchday Updates

Exciting news, coming from Northland FC! Get ready to take your fan experience to the next level with the brand-new Northland FC Supporter Bundle! The best deal in the North. Get everything you could need to support the squad on match days at happy rock park.

What's included in this fantastic $100 bundle?

  1. Inaugural season Scarf: Be among the select few to sport our limited-edition* 2024 Inaugural Season scarf! This emblem of team pride isn't just an accessory—it's your ticket to home matches.

  2. Personalized Home Kit: Deck yourself out in style with a personalized home kit, ensuring you stand out in the crowd as a true Northland FC supporter.

  3. Special Discount Codes: As a bonus, we're rolling out special discount codes exclusively for Supporter Bundle holders. Enjoy the same rates as our players and staff on select items, as our way of saying thank you for your unwavering support.

  4. Northland FC End of Season Event: Northland FC will be hosting a special event to send off the season. Awards, look back on the season, future outlook, plus one (1) ticket to the Northland FC group seating at an SKC match later in the year.

But that's not all! As mentioned your scarf is much more then a supporter statement. Wear any official Northland FC scarf to our home matches and gain touchline access for yourself and a companion. It's our gesture of appreciation for your dedication to the team!

Entry to our match starting June 08, 2024 will be:

Adults (16+) $5

Youth (U15) $1

Party (up to 6) $20

All items are on sale now at Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your fan experience and show your support for Northland FC. Grab your Supporter Bundle today and join us as we cheer on our team to victory!

*Limited edition print. Available while supplies last. New print will be ordered once inventory is depleted.

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